Latest version: v1.2
Linux: Libraries, Binary
Windows: Libraries, Binary

How to use:
If you are downloading the program for the first time, download Libraries and Binary, and extract both zip files into a single folder, then run the program
If you are updating to a newer version of the program, download Binary, and overwrite the old version of the program

Press W to open the settings window. All controls are customizable from there.

To use projections (default keys 0-9), make a file in the same folder as the program called projections.txt. A projection is a 2x3 matrix, written in the file as a comma-separated list of 6 floating point numbers. Some useful projections to try are:
To use the replay recorder, you must install FFmpeg and add it to your PATH environment variable (guide for Windows). Open the replay recorder window after a solve is complete to use it.