The following algs assume a fixed colour scheme (i.e. a position obtained by swapping faces of the solved state is considered not solved, even though every face has only one colour). The DB piece is also fixed in place

Swap U/F faces (6) UF UB UL UR UL UB Rotate U face clockwise and preserve permutation of F face (11) UL UB UL UR UL FL FR FL UB UL UR Swap UL/FL, preserve permutation of other U/F faces (15) (this is the shortest 2-cycle of a U piece with an F piece, ignoring permutation of the other 4 faces) UF FL UR UF UR FR UF UB UF FR UR UF UR FL UF
Easy-to-remember 3 cycle, UB -> UF -> DR (not necessarily optimal, 34) (found as [shortest <UF,UL,UB,UR> alg that affects one piece in the FR half, FR]) [(UF UR UF UB)4, FR] Other not-necessarily-optimal 3 cycles found with similar method: [UF UR FL UF FR UL UF UL FR FL UR UF, FR] (UR -> FD -> LF) (24) [UB UL UR FL UF UB FR FL UR UB FR, UF] (LU -> BR -> RF) (22)